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The Perfect Interview

The perfect interview- when most people see those three little words they believe they are connected to a phony story that could never possibly be a reality. I’m here to tell you that the perfect interview is possible by following these easy steps found on!

  1. Do Your Research- Before shaking your interviewer’s hand, be sure to do your research on the company. Go to the company website, read their mission statement and get to know more about their product or service. It’s important to show employers that you are passionate about this company and want to help contribute to its overall success.
  2. Prepare- There are dozens of websites filled with tips on the most common interview questions along with the best answers. Keep your answers professional and refer to your resume to explain your career background and past experiences. Highlight your strengths by explaining to the employer challenges you faced and the solution you used within each career experience.
  3. Practice Makes Perfect- Practice, practice, practice. You can practice alone or try having a mock interview with a friend or family member. Take your time and feel comfortable answering questions before the big interview. You’ll walk into your interview feeling more confident and in control!
  4. It’s Show Time- It’s always a good idea to show up to an interview 5-10 minutes early with a copy of your resume and a list of references. Remember, you want this job because you know you’ll be the perfect match for this organization; therefore, don’t be afraid to point out your relevant skills and career background that has prepared you for this job! Listen and take some mental notes so you are prepared to ask any questions you may have at the end.

Once done, thank the interviewer for their time and be sure to ask for their business card. This will come in handy the next day when e-mailing the interviewer thanking them for their time and any interesting observations you made during your interview.

These tips and tricks will finally put your interview nerves to rest! For more great information on interviewing guidelines, visit

This article was written by Lauren Hughes, Marketing Intern for Express Employment Professionals in Greenwood.