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The Tricky Thing About Resumes

Writing the perfect resume is no easy task. With everything from choosing the right wording to racking your brain on what information to include and not include- we know resumes can be overwhelming and challenging. By using these simple tips found on, creating the perfect resume will be a little less scary and help you stand above the competition.

  1. Emphasize accomplishments with power verbs- When describing your previous employment, use power verbs rather than simply stating your duties. Explain how you were able to solve problems and add value to the company. Phrases such as “increased”, “improved” and “resolved” will help you go beyond boring verbiage and make you stand out from the competition.
  2. Quantify your success-Numbers are a sure fire way to let employers know what you have accomplished in your previous positions. Be sure to calculate the difference you have made throughout your time in that position. For example, you can include phrases such as “Implemented strategies to increase sales by X%”. Numbers can also be used to express how large a budget you performed with or show how many staff members you were responsible for. Numbers jump off the page of a resume and are great for demonstrating the weight of your responsibilities.
  3. Highlight awards and recognition- We all enjoy tooting our own horn, but demonstrating that others value your contributions has an even higher impact for employers. Include an “Awards and Recognition” header on your resume as a place to list the awards you have received. This is another great place to include power verbs such as “recognized” and “elected.”
  4. Show you are a strong leader and team player- There’s no I in team. Many employers are looking for candidates who can demonstrate these key values. When writing your descriptions include examples of how each job required you to utilize these important skills. Using words such as “mentored”, “led” and “collaborated” will show employers that you are a team player that isn’t afraid to step up to the plate.
  5. Emphasize skills related to your target job- to show employers that you are their perfect match, find keywords to incorporate into your resume. Look at the keywords included in the job posting and consider including a short summary at the top of your resume including: relevant skills, accomplishments, and other qualifications. This is a great way to make sure your resume gets noticed!
  6. Make your resume eye catching- don’t be afraid to bold words that draw the eye to your key accomplishments or recognition. Be sure to put important information towards the top of your resume so it isn’t overlooked.

Follow these helpful tips and tricks and you can finally put the big scary resume monster to rest! For more information visit

This article was written by Lauren Hughes, Marketing Intern for Express Employment Professionals in Greenwood.