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This Could Be Costing You the Job

I recently read an article titled “10 Unbelievable Reasons Clients Passed on Candidates.” When I stumbled upon this article, I was pretty excited thinking I was going to start my morning off with a couple of laughs. As I began reading through the list, I was not disappointed in the comedic nature of the reasons given for not hiring candidates. Some reasons included things such as a candidate seeking the advice of a deceased spouse during the interview, someone having a stalker wife, and a candidate ending the interview by hugging and kissing the interviewer! Good stuff, right?

However, as I continued reading the article, the reasons given stopped being so outrageous and started to become more normal. In fact, a few were fairly ordinary things that, in my opinion, should not have kept a candidate from getting a job. These items included things such as accepting the glass of water offered at the beginning of the interview, un-manicured nails (mostly on women), driving an SUV, and not being able to solve a Rubik’s cube! (I mean how many people can actually do that?)

Unfortunately with the job market being the way it is, companies can be selective about what they are looking for and who they hire. So what can we take away from this article? (Besides the fact that it’s a trick question when you’re asked if you want a glass of water!)

Be aware. Be aware of yourself, your appearance, your attitude, your surroundings, and the interviewer. While it is important to be comfortable in an interview, make sure you are projecting positive body language, and showing confidence (but not too much)! A good way to monitor your body language is to watch the interviewer or the other people at the office. Not only will observing help you master the correct body language, it will make it seem like you fit in with the culture of a company and even give you a confidence boost!

So next time you’re in an interview, try not to reveal the car you drive, your political views, and whatever you do, DO NOT accept a glass of water.

This article is written by Lauren Plug, Recruiting and Marketing Assistant at Express Employment Professionals in Greenwood.  Information from this article is from “Staffing Talk: 10 Unbelievable Reasons Clients Passed on Customers.” The full article can be read here