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What NOT to do While Interviewing

I recently came across an article from the Daily News that quickly caught my undivided attention. This article was titled “Top Interview Mistakes include Lying, Answering Phone.” At first, I thought there had to be a catch and that the article really talked about something else. I mean, people don’t really answer their phones while in an interview, do they?

As I read on, I became more shocked to learn the extent to which people really don’t know how to act in an interview or what they should and shouldn’t be doing.  Even though I am still early in my career and probably don’t have as much experience as my superiors, I do know what you should and shouldn’t do while in an interview.  And let me tell you, interviewing is not an easy task to do right. It takes time, research and…. practice, practice, practice to become confident in your interviewing skills. As prepared as you might think you are, we can all use a refresher from time to time.

After reading the article, I thought it might be time to go over the “common sense” mistakes that might be made in an interview. These “common sense” mistakes, such as lying about experience, answering a phone call, or showing up late can cost you the job before you even have the chance to show off your award winning skills.

Let’s talk about the number one rated mistake that people do in an interview: lying about experience.             We are all aware that the job market is tough and very competitive. And it might be somewhat scary to think that you could be one of hundreds who are applying for the same job. So how do you make yourself stand out? Do you lie on your resume or application to make it seem like you have more experience than you do? Do you extend your dates of employment to make it seems like you’ve been working longer than you have? The answer is NO.  I cannot emphasize this enough, NEVER EVER lie in an interview, on a resume or on an application. The employer WILL find out and most likely you will instantly be eliminated from the pool of potential candidates. Any credibility that you had previously built up with the potential employer vanishes when he/she finds out you lied. Instead, emphasize your good qualities and make them outshine the areas that you lack!

You must remember how important it is to present yourself professionally in an interview.                                  If you cannot present yourself professionally in an interview, the employer will assume you will be the same in a work environment.  It only takes a few little mistakes to break the interview. Arriving late makes the employer think you aren’t responsible. Answering a telephone or text message relays to the employer that the interview isn’t important enough to you to have your undivided attention. If an employer thinks you don’t care to be there or that the potential job isn’t important to you, why would they hire you? Lying diminishes your creditability. Cursing makes you look unprofessional and can be insulting. You always need to be aware of others and how you present to them; lying, being late, cursing and interrupting an interview for a phone call or text does not present a good picture of yourself to others.

All of the above seem to be a lot of common sense ideas. However, from time to time they can be forgotten. Job searching and interviewing can be stressful, so take a moment to take a deep breath and remember all the little things that count the most!

This article was written by Alexis Mellady, Recruiting and Marketing Assistant, at Express Employment Professionals in Greenwood, IN.