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Back to School- An Experience Worth Remembering

Back to School – An Experience Worth Remembering

Recently I took my daughter off to college. It was both an exciting and sad experience for our family. I was so impressed with how Grace College executed the weekend events, so I came back and shared with my team today on how I felt it applied to our business. It was very obvious to me from the moment we showed up on campus to the time we left that every person we came in contact with was interested in helping my daughter succeed. It started with the crew that showed up at the drop off zone to her dorm. Within minutes they had our vehicle unloaded and all the items in her room.  Then, another crew came and helped the girls arrange the furniture, take out the trash, and inspect the room to make sure everything was just right. The Resident Assistant came by to see how things were going and then shortly after, the Resident Director stopped in to let us know how to reach her if we needed anything else. It was well timed, well planned and everyone was beyond helpful.

The weekend progressed with well thought out meetings that allowed us to meet teachers, counselors, chaplains and other parents.  They hosted special events and meals to give the students a chance to see what lies ahead. I even had the opportunity to have a 10 minute one on one chat with the president of the college.  I know what you are thinking, “Well that is great, but why does all of that matter to me?”  Well, what I shared with my team was this. The experience I had as a customer was one that I will tell for some time. Grace kept my wife, daughter and I engaged and busy all weekend. They went above and beyond.

My point to sharing this is very simple. What every company sells in some way or another is an experience. It doesn’t matter if you are servicing, producing, shipping, repairing, teaching – you get the point.  In each situation, you create an experience for that customer. It starts with what happens at the first touch and needs to be well thought out until the final connection ends or the product is shipped and arrives at the destination. I highlight to my team often that our mission is to help people succeed. I reminded them today that we are in the business to help people find jobs, but we are only as good as the reputation we build and the experience that is created when someone visits, calls or messages our office or team members. This weekend my family felt special. The experience made me feel good about heading home and knowing my daughter was at a place that cared enough to make sure our two days together was special. The reason Grace is growing and doing well is because they have created an environment where every employee, volunteer and team member knows the goal and the experience they want to deliver for families, especially the students. An experience worth talking about needs to be every company’s goal.  It’s truly what creates a reason to share the experience with others as I have shared with you.

This article is written by Mike Heffner, the owner of the local Greenwood Express Employment Professionals franchise.  Contact Mike at, @IndySouthMike on Twitter or visit