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What Do You Plan To Do Differently In 2017?

What Do You Plan To Do Differently In 2017?


Recently our office had an end of year goal setting meeting. In this meeting, Matt Nettleton, our Sandler Sales Trainer, had us thinking about all of the changes that are coming and asked us, “What do you plan to do differently?” He shared with us the reasons why people typically don’t reach their goals. In a nutshell, he said it’s because most people are not willing to make a shift in their personal beliefs that the goal can be reached and they don’t believe that they deserve the outcome of the goal they set. That had my wheels turning.


My team is in the midst of a big change. We are moving offices and we will have people in different roles this next year. Change is something I embrace. I have always used the old saying “Insanity is the definition of doing things the same over and over again and expecting different results.” After Matt’s training, I thought about the few basic fundamental things that I have done to shift my beliefs that have allowed me to make a change or reach a goal.


  • Reflect – You can’t move forward unless you know where you have come from or what brought you to where you are. Look at the data and facts and ask for others’ opinions.  Look for clues that will help lead you forward.


  • Write out your goals – We have all been told to write down our goals but we rarely do it. I can tell you when I don’t do it, I rarely hit them. If a year from now is too far out, then look at quarterly or bi-annual goals.


  • Talk to others – Meet with other business owners, team members, leaders, mentors and family members. These are people that often know you well and can help you make sure you have thought about things from different angles. This is a good place to look for the “how” if you are not sure what you need to do to reach your goal.


  • See yourself in the outcome – If you can’t see yourself actually doing what you said, how in the heck can you get there? You have to believe you can make the change or reach the goal. Matt had us visualize the way we would feel when we hit our goals.


These seem very basic but I have found that when I take the time to do these fundamental things, I reach most of my goals. What you spend your time planning and thinking about in most cases are what set the outcome. Here is to a great 2017- I hope you reach your goals. I believe you can.

This article is written by Mike Heffner, the owner of the local Greenwood Express Employment Professionals franchise.  Contact Mike at, @IndySouthMike on Twitter or visit