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Will Others Become Leaders Because of You?

Will Others Become Leaders Because of You?

This past week, our Greenwood office made the move into a new larger space. As I walked into each area the night before we officially moved in and prayed for members of my team and their success, it became very apparent to me that something had changed. The company had transpired from a company that “I” started to a team of people that help people succeed and change lives.


I realized at that moment, that in the last 12 years, I moved from a salesperson that started a business to an owner that built a business by grooming and selecting the right people for the right job that now influence thousands of lives in our community. I don’t say any of that to brag. I only want to share what a former leader of mine shared with me 15 years ago.


One night over dinner while traveling together, he shared with me that I was one of the best sales guys he had ever coached. He then had the tough convo and told me that if I ever wanted to become successful, I needed to make sure that others would want to come with me. He saw that I could help influence others but was very internally focused. That advice turned out to be some of the best advice that has helped me grow into a leader. My former boss was a guy that would do anything for his team. He believed in me and was willing to live in that uncomfortable space to share with me that I was in my own way. He knew that the way to accomplish great things was to develop great people.


Below are a handful of other things he shared with me that have shaped my leadership style:


  • Take the time to know your team. What do they want? What are their personal and professional goals? What is important to them?


  • Set goals together. Allow them to be a part of what it could look like. Then measure the progress. People want to know what the score is.


  • Listen to others. Ask their opinion. Watch body language. Encourage feedback.


  • Shift gears quickly. Stay aware of what is going on and make the changes needed to adapt.


  • Be willing to get hit by the bus. Admit when you are wrong and stand up for your team. Build trust but demand integrity. Be understanding when people make mistakes but expect accountability.


  • Reward effort and results. Don’t just praise results. Sometimes results don’t always come immediately but if the effort and desire to learn is there, be patient and it will come.


I am blessed to be surrounded today by a great team and the success we have enjoyed has come because others invested in me and I made the choice to invest in others.

This article is written by Mike Heffner, the owner of the local Greenwood Express Employment Professionals franchise.  Contact Mike at, @IndySouthMike on Twitter or visit